Do you remember love?

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Nostalgia… It’s one of those blue days that really gets to you. I was so tired at work that I decided to read some manga and then popped in a few Anime DVDs. Coincidentally, my brother bought a new Macross Valkyrie VF-25G model kit. It made me want to watch Macross Frontier again so I popped in a DVD. I was planning on only watching a few episodes but I ended up watching episodes 3 through 25!

I was never really a fan of Macross but watching this series a second time made me curious on the past Macross franchises. The only other Macross franchises I’ve seen are Macross 2 and the first few episodes of Macross Zero. I never started from the beginning but I do know a great deal of the story thanks to my bro, who’s a Macross/Gundam addict. I think I want to collect the whole series now.

Hit the jump for my latest work on MMD. Guess who it is? Hint hint: Kyun~

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