Do you remember love?

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Nostalgia… It’s one of those blue days that really gets to you. I was so tired at work that I decided to read some manga and then popped in a few Anime DVDs. Coincidentally, my brother bought a new Macross Valkyrie VF-25G model kit. It made me want to watch Macross Frontier again so I popped in a DVD. I was planning on only watching a few episodes but I ended up watching episodes 3 through 25!

I was never really a fan of Macross but watching this series a second time made me curious on the past Macross franchises. The only other Macross franchises I’ve seen are Macross 2 and the first few episodes of Macross Zero. I never started from the beginning but I do know a great deal of the story thanks to my bro, who’s a Macross/Gundam addict. I think I want to collect the whole series now.

Hit the jump for my latest work on MMD. Guess who it is? Hint hint: Kyun~

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Gorgeous ☆ delicious ☆ deculture~

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So I did another test. This time with the whole K-ON gang. I played around with the filters of Sony Vegas and it turned out to be cool. This time though, even with the available nyan nyan data motion, something screwed up their hand animations. Turns out the models had additional bone controls that messed the arm movements so I had to go into each single model and look for those bones that caused the uncanny problem and do some tweaking.

Hit the jump to see the “2009 obligatory stuff” post that I picked up from Naneee?!

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Toaru nani ga Nyan Nyan?

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misakaLol. Okay, so I’ve been hooked on Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. It’s a side-story of Toaru Majitsu no Index (which I’m puzzled why its called this way since it was mostly about Touma and rarely about Index herself).

At first I thought it was purely made for the boys, since it did contain a lot of fanservice. In addition, you have those two new cute characters Saten and Uiharu. It turned out to have its own charm. Go go girl pawaa! Did I mention Uiharu is so cute? Sigh…

I’ve also been tinkering with more MMD stuff. This time with Azu-nyan (Azusa) from K-ON. I think I have learned a great deal more with the camera and stuff. I will post something tomorrow on what I did with the cameras but for now, hit the jump below to see what I did!

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