Sora no Woto: First Impressions

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swt1Many people believed that Sora no Woto was going to be similar to K-ON but only in a different setting. Having seen the first episode shed some light on this matter.

The plot appears to be in a timeline around the end of World War 2, but it doesn’t actually occur in a European country as I thought at first. It appears to be an alternate universe of sorts. The City looks European but I was quite surprised when they celebrated a festival that pretty much had Japanese origins.

Spolier alert: Screenshots and some plot spills ahead. Continue at your own risk!

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Gorgeous ☆ delicious ☆ deculture~

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So I did another test. This time with the whole K-ON gang. I played around with the filters of Sony Vegas and it turned out to be cool. This time though, even with the available nyan nyan data motion, something screwed up their hand animations. Turns out the models had additional bone controls that messed the arm movements so I had to go into each single model and look for those bones that caused the uncanny problem and do some tweaking.

Hit the jump to see the “2009 obligatory stuff” post that I picked up from Naneee?!

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The year of the Tiagaa! Anime Rawr~

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I’m eagerly excited and anxious to see what Anime titles we have for this year. Traditionally, I was never the one who wanted to know what was coming out but rather was the one who wanted to be surprised. It’s changing this year as I went ahead to check out on some announced titles for this year.

Before I get ahead of myself though, I need to watch all the titles I skipped and never got to finish first. A few like Toradora, Valkyria Chronicles, Vampire Knight, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 and much much more. I wonder though if I should just go ahead and skip all those and just wait for the official Blu-ray disc releases and then purchase them outright. I’ve been also thinking of wanting to purchase Blu-ray discs of my favorite Anime series. The problem though is that there is a real lack of Anime Blu-ray discs. Most are still distributed thru DVD and therefore restricted to region locks. Ah well.

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