What’s my “Focus”?

March 15, 2010 at 12:30 pm | Posted in Anime, Games, Updates | 3 Comments
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I think I’ve rested a bit enough. Trying to get myself back into a “work again” state of mind. I did request light jobs the past week so I can chill out a bit after that one hell of a working month at Hong Kong. (Which I am trying very hard to forget.

Anyway, I’ve been playing Final Fantasy 13 on the PS3. I’ve got like 10 hours of play so far and its really addictive. The last time I got hooked on a FF title was when FF8 was released. I think the long wait and delays were justified for this game since everything was made without sparing a single detail. I’ve gotten 2 Ediolons (Summons) so far, namely Odin and Shiva. I also like the way they balanced the game by forcing you to use every character as the leader of the party.

As for my Anime, I’ve finally finished most the backlog episodes that I’ve missed the past month. I plan to continue watching until I get to the latest and I can post some of my insights and reviews again. That is if Final Fantasy 13 doesn’t grab my attention away from it. Lol.

New Year!

January 1, 2010 at 2:55 am | Posted in Updates, Whatever | 6 Comments
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av2Happy New Year everyone! I finally decided to put up my own blog since my friends have been pestering me since forever to make one. (Sigh, mental note: You need to make twitter and facebook accounts as well.)

I’m not much of a writer but I guess I’ll just write down what comes to my mind as I scribble down notes on this lowly blog. I don’t know how often I’ll be updating this blog but I’m going to make sure that its got actual interesting content to read, rather than just random ramblings and a rant center. I won’t be posting stuff like what I did today or what I had for lunch or the movie I saw was great. This will be more of a thinking blog of sorts. Posting my random thoughts about random stuff. (Lol I think I just contradicted myself thar XD). Maybe a few Anime and Game reviews will be posted? Who knows.

Well, here’s to the New Year. I only have one real resolution and that is to aim for a dream that I have always neglected due to either my incompetence or laziness. God bless everyone!

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