Durarara – 3: Change or not?

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av2How fitting that the underlying theme of this episode of Durarara sort of reflects my current situation.

Simon may look like a simple harmless guy but he seems to have a certain wisdom in him. The sort of wisdom that only a person of his experience would ever know.

It’s interesting how Anime like this can touch and inspire the little things in me. I’m in Hong Kong right now actually. It’s a new city (though I’ve been here twice in the past), with new opportunities and stuff that makes me want to get away from it all. Aside from being alone and swamped with work (I’m on a business trip with my boss), I guess Anime / Manga is the only thing I can fall back to.

Spoiler Warning: Yada yada yada…

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The narrow gap

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shureiavI’ve been noticing a trend build up in Anime / Manga since 2008 and I’ve always wondered why there was a strange division of genres and sort of “alienation” between fans. I guess what I’m trying to say, the love for the Anime / Manga has grown complicated that these have somehow made fans either biased of each other or just plainly ignorant.

Now the following is merely my observations on people and trends. I surely do know that many of you may have different opinions and observations, so let’s just say I’m just adding up to the pile of facts that many don’t seem to quite get a grasp at.

Hit the jump to view my not so theoretical senseless thinking about this topic.

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First impressions: Durarara! & Omamori Himari

January 10, 2010 at 1:12 am | Posted in Anime, Pangya | 17 Comments
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omadullalaDouble first impressions review on 2 series I just saw for the first time today! You are gonna wonder though. Why Dullalala and Omamori Himari?

The answer: NEKO! XD What?! I like cats so it was only logical that I picked these two series.

I might do Vampire Bund and “Baka to Test to Sokanju” when I watch them tomorrow and also include Ookamikakushi when I’m in the mood.

Spoiler Alert: As always, continue at your own risk.

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