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It’s funny that I only find out now that my brother has a hard drive full of Manga. He noticed I was taking an interest in the Ichigo 100% manga so he shared one of his hard drives. Yeah, this is still part of the Hatsukoi Limited hangover. I watched the Anime way back (but didn’t actually finish it) and I was curious and asked a few friends how it turned out. They all said that the manga was better so I decided to start reading. There were a couple of official English titles (done by Viz) in one of the local Anime shops here so I was going to get them. My brother found out and he said that he had the scans on one of his hard drives (he has a total of 5 external hard drives). So I sorta ended up just reading this on the PC since at first I thought I wouldn’t be much interested.

There is an extreme difference of the Anime and Manga of this title. It’s like the North and South pole. The Anime had way lots of comedic scenes, in the Manga it still has them but there is a serious overtone to it. Of course the ecchi situations are there but somehow they’re not as lewd as those seen in the Anime. So why am I reading this again? I dunno, I’m lovesick I guess. =P

Have you ever fallen in love?

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This was recommended to me by a friend yesterday when he noticed I was feeling a bit down. He said it was light-hearted and it was a should be an eye-opener for me as well. I really liked the style of this Anime. It’s from the same mangaka who did Ichigo 100% after all. (Ugh, remind me to finish that. T_T).

Hit the jump to hear my sob story. Lol.

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Gorgeous ☆ delicious ☆ deculture~

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So I did another test. This time with the whole K-ON gang. I played around with the filters of Sony Vegas and it turned out to be cool. This time though, even with the available nyan nyan data motion, something screwed up their hand animations. Turns out the models had additional bone controls that messed the arm movements so I had to go into each single model and look for those bones that caused the uncanny problem and do some tweaking.

Hit the jump to see the “2009 obligatory stuff” post that I picked up from Naneee?!

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Toaru nani ga Nyan Nyan?

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misakaLol. Okay, so I’ve been hooked on Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. It’s a side-story of Toaru Majitsu no Index (which I’m puzzled why its called this way since it was mostly about Touma and rarely about Index herself).

At first I thought it was purely made for the boys, since it did contain a lot of fanservice. In addition, you have those two new cute characters Saten and Uiharu. It turned out to have its own charm. Go go girl pawaa! Did I mention Uiharu is so cute? Sigh…

I’ve also been tinkering with more MMD stuff. This time with Azu-nyan (Azusa) from K-ON. I think I have learned a great deal more with the camera and stuff. I will post something tomorrow on what I did with the cameras but for now, hit the jump below to see what I did!

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mmdsc2How I wish I stumbled across this awesome piece of software while it was still Christmas vacation. Sigh.

One of my officemates just introduced this to me and over lunch break showed me how this thing works. I have it running on my PC at work and it looks easy to do but tedious to get all the movements.

This program is called MMD or Miku Miku Dance. It’s a free software created by (obviously) some Japanese fellows. God bless them for doing this lol. Miku is so cute and I can’t believe they also have models of the other characters. Omg. I’m now searching for those models frantically and don’t forget those motions…

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