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Well, this made me stay up late lol. Although I didn’t pretty much do anything in the motion data (it can be downloaded freely), I experimented in syncing the WAV with the motions and it worked out good so far. Generated random eye blinks since I found it weird that they didn’t seem to blink all the way. There’s going to be a white line on the top of the video. I think it has something to do with the background image I used. My bad.

We have here Hatsune Miku, Sakine Meiko, and Akita Neru. I know they look so serious but I’ll experiment with the face on the next real project that I will do. I hope I’m able to live up to my own expectations. The next MMD video I upload will hopefully be my first real MMD project. I know I’m taking this to seriously but this is something I just have to do. Meanwhile enjoy the test video. Please view the widescreen video on the actual YouTube link. I dunno why but the video here only shows on this size despite changing the embed details.


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mmdsc2How I wish I stumbled across this awesome piece of software while it was still Christmas vacation. Sigh.

One of my officemates just introduced this to me and over lunch break showed me how this thing works. I have it running on my PC at work and it looks easy to do but tedious to get all the movements.

This program is called MMD or Miku Miku Dance. It’s a free software created by (obviously) some Japanese fellows. God bless them for doing this lol. Miku is so cute and I can’t believe they also have models of the other characters. Omg. I’m now searching for those models frantically and don’t forget those motions…

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Just be friends…

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Just be friends All we gotta do Just be friends. It’s time to say goodbye Just be friends. All we gotta do Just be friends…

Err okay. This song is giving me the LSS (Last Song Syndrome). I’ve had it playing in the background for more than 2 hours now @_@. Been helping out Youkho with a header for his blog so I thought some music would spice my creative-dead brain a bit. So far it turned out well, since he’s modified it to his liking. XD

I noticed the lack of players today in Pangya. Must be because of the New Year’s celebrations. After all, I’m like more than half a day advance than PST. It’s a good bet the US players are partying and they’re all tired right now.

Had a blast today. A few friends came over and we had some food and some “girl talk”. I especially liked the garden veggie salad they brought over. I kept nom noming on the white onions. It is strange though that I like raw White Onions. @_@

Here’s the link to Just Be Friends. Go download it. It’s a great song! XD

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