Coming to a close.

April 28, 2010 at 9:10 pm | Posted in Whatever | Leave a comment

Bye~I just realized that my work has taken a lot of time out of me. Its just that I have to be serious about it because if everything goes well here I’ll be able to live for myself. And so with sad news… I’m going to be away for a while from the blogging wild. I just can’t keep up anymore with the personal stuff and work stuff all clashing together.

The good news is. I’ll be blogging voluntarily on Mezurashi. Owned by an old acquaintance. He asked me if I can do Anime Reviews for him and I gladly accepted. So from now on, I’ll be over there.  I should be able to make my first post there by next week.

To all those who have been reading my blog, I thank you. To those who have been feverishly commenting, I can’t thank you enough as well. Until then. Sore ja minna~

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