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I’m back. I actually took 1 week off from work. I almost had a nervous break down from all that stress going around when I was at the Hong Kong office. I never want to do that again. It made me actually think if I should continue working like this. I’ve always wanted to start a business on my own. A business I like. I used to dream about having my own restaurant or bakery. I don’t know if its still possible with all the stuff I’m going through right now.

Doing all that work in Hong Kong made me realize that I really need to do something that I love. I may have liked making websites for client from the beginning but now I realize that it was just a passing fancy. I want something that will actually make me at ease not worrying about someone’s problems for a change and start worrying about my own. Sigh… I remember a friend from 3 years ago saying something about this. That our dreams “are just fairy tales”. They happen to a few lucky/blessed ones while the rest of us gets screwed over and that’s just life.

Anyway, going to work again tomorrow. I hope I can catch up to my gaming (Pangya) and Anime once again. I’ve missed so much… sigh…

And yes I’ve been doing a LOT of sleep this past week. Sometimes 10 hours straight lol. I’ve also changed the header to a more lazy Saber. The very thing I’m feeling right now. Lol. Ja~


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  1. okaeriii C:

    • I’m glad your back. Now shall we continue that MMD project of ours? ^^

      • Lol maybe next month? I’m just totally burned out right now. I need to think and just do nothing for a while lol.

  2. lolz good to see you alive

    • It’s a miracle I’m still alive! Lol. Domo~

  3. Okay, get some rest then. I can manage by myself for now, provided that work doesn’t get to me and I forget about the MMD entirely. XD

  4. Welcome back. 🙂

    Might I suggest taking a short detour somewhere green to enjoy the 10 days off. Maybe reading a book at a quiet little coffee house or the local park. :p

    Hows about the beach? 😉

    • Lol, thanks. And yeah, I’ve been hanging around the house all week doing nothing but sleeping. Lol. I might go to the beach next month. Thanks for the advice!

  5. Yay! welcome back enjoy your little break ^^

    • Thank you! I’m immensely enjoying my break lol.

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