Pocky and the Hong Kong night

February 2, 2010 at 10:29 pm | Posted in Updates, Whatever | 11 Comments
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I’m still in Hong Kong. Work has been so hectic that I haven’t been able to catch up on any Anime lately. It’s a good thing I decided to bring some of my mangas with me. Looks like I’ll be here until next week. This means I won’t be getting updates on the blog that often. Sigh. At least I got a new header image working. I’m actually eating Pocky right now so the header really fits my mood lol. Saber = pocky = ftw.

I’m tired, stressed and pissed tonight rofl. I think I’ll have a nice warm shower then sleep. Oyasumi minna~


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  1. Wow! I didn’t know you were there in Hong Kong. Where are you staying? Have you gone to the Anime/Manga shops at 211 Tsim Tsa Tsui? Have you been to that street in Mongkok with all the Anime shops?

    • I’ve been to the ones in Mongkok. Got a few PVC figures but I didn’t want to spend much since I’m living on company allowance here XD.

      • What did you get!?!

      • Are the figures cheaper in Hong Kong? And are they selling only legal ones and no imitations?

      • There are legal genuine ones if you know where to look. That’s what I went to get. Of course there are a lot of imitations. ^^

      • Well, I’m not knowledgeable enough to distinguish legal ones from the imitations, so I guess I gotta pay extra care if ever I get to go to Hong Kong.

        Damn, what’s the use of working for an Hong Kong company when they’ll never send you to Hong Kong >.<

      • Lol. If you ever get to Hong Kong, I can give you good recommendations on where to buy Anime Stuff.

  2. Somehow saying rofl after saying that you’re stressed and pissed made me laugh… Hope you’re enjoying Hong Kong and you’re Pocky and hopefully we’ll hear from you soon.

    • Yeah, I try to laugh and smile when I can even when I really had a bad day. ^^

  3. Hmm… off topic but can’t take my eyes off the picture. I think it’s really beautiful.

    • Oh that’s a place in Hong Kong called Causeway Bay. ^^

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