sudo apt-get manga:megatokyo.raw

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It has always been a common thing for otaku to buy and get the stuff from Japan and I do understand that, but every once in a while, a rare gem appears. Megatokyo is one of those few manga titles made entirely in the west. Of course, you still have the Japanese influence in there but this masterpiece is one of my favorite western made Manga. In fact, this thing started out as a webmanga way back in 2000. Megatokyo is actually celebrating it’s 10th year and its still going strong.

The beauty about this manga is that its available free online at You can start from the very beginning of the manga (Chapter 0) up all the way to the latest release. If you are too lazy to go thru all those pages, get the paperback editions (which I do have). The panel above shows my favorite couple Erika and Largo. Erika is a former idol and seiyuu that was really famous in Japan. She’s now just a lonely store clerk in an Anime, Manga and Gaming shop. Largo, is an American who happens to be the ultimate l337 gamer, hardcore computer overclocker and super smart awesome-sauce hacker. Go read this amazing masterpiece now!


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  1. With all of those positive comments I just might have to. The art looks pretty sweet too :).

    • Yup, this is one of those rare “western” mangas that’s got a flavor of its own.

  2. The manga looks pretty good (interesting art!) and it’s always a plus when it’s released for free, but you’ll forgive me if it is your post title that has nabbed most of my attention. And you’ll forgive me too if I must now pop the inevitable, burning question.

    Are you an Ubuntu/Debian user?? Are you? Are you?

    Oh wait, or is that just a reference to something in the manga? Does Mr awesome-sauce use Ubuntu/Debian? *Jason displays his true geek-colors*

    • Yes, I use Ubuntu. And yes I do Linux/Unix since part of my work is handling webservers with all the apache and SQL stuff. And yes, the guy on the manga panel (Largo) is a techy geek 1337 guy and pretty much does everything from overclocking computers to setting up what he calls a secure “cybernode”.

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