Durarara – 3: Change or not?

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av2How fitting that the underlying theme of this episode of Durarara sort of reflects my current situation.

Simon may look like a simple harmless guy but he seems to have a certain wisdom in him. The sort of wisdom that only a person of his experience would ever know.

It’s interesting how Anime like this can touch and inspire the little things in me. I’m in Hong Kong right now actually. It’s a new city (though I’ve been here twice in the past), with new opportunities and stuff that makes me want to get away from it all. Aside from being alone and swamped with work (I’m on a business trip with my boss), I guess Anime / Manga is the only thing I can fall back to.

Spoiler Warning: Yada yada yada…

vlcsnap-116038 vlcsnap-116254


Okay, first off, these two seem like a good couple. It’s unfortunate though Sunohara doesn’t give a damn about Mikado feelings. Not yet, I suppose. Ah well, the situation seems typical. Trouble brews, protect girl, run off with girl holding her hand and hope that there would be a nice chansu!

vlcsnap-123545 vlcsnap-119226vlcsnap-124692 vlcsnap-125509

I don’t care what anybody says but, Shizuo is soooo dreamy! He’s got this certain cuteness for being violent and easily angered. I wouldn’t blame him though. I can safely say his excessive anger is justified. I mean, who would be happy if someone swung that piece of wood into your head? XD

vlcsnap-115303 vlcsnap-119743

What’s with this girl? I’ve seen her since the first episode with that strange scar around her neck. Could it be that she has the head of the headless Neko rider who is searching for it? When Simon was narrating, he did sort of hint this girl as being a foreigner. I do know for a fact that the headless neko rider is a Dullahan who is searching for her lost head. (It’s in the Manga).

vlcsnap-121697 vlcsnap-122571

Ganguro girls with wings? Geeh, I need to find a winged backpack similar to Ayu’s (Kanon) while I’m here in Hong Kong! Thanks for making me want to spend Durarara. >.>

vlcsnap-117111 vlcsnap-117363

Give it up Kida, no girl would go out with you if you pester them like that. Then again, I did have an officemate like him and he was similar to this guy but somehow managed to land a hot girlfriend. Sigh… what has this world come to? ^^


Just what is Orihara’s agenda here? After doing that stint in episode 1 and 2, he seems to be wanting to be in trouble all the time. I wonder what made Shizuo throw that vending machine at him? Lol.

I just realized this is my first time doing a review in another country. Wow. Anyway, back to my boring life and to work. @_@


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  1. Wow, we both decided to write about Durarara at about the same time :P. Unfortunately all the stuff I would use to comment I already used in my post so I’ll have to leave you with only the word I read your post :).

    • Hahaha. Thanks for dropping by anyway~

  2. He threw the vending machine because Orihara framed Shizuo for a crime right? Didn’t they say that?

  3. Fun episode here i really liked it and yes i agree i hope Mikado and Anri have something happen between them but i wont hold my breath. as for Shizuo hes my favorite so far i like crazy characters and he throws vending machines! thats great, died laughing with Izaya got hit with the trash can rofl…best part.

  4. Haha, I’m not sure about being dreamy, but Shizuo sure kicks ass. I was cheering him on until Simon came swinging down form the frickin top floor in time to stop his fridge (or whatever enormous object) projectile. Then I was like “holy, what just happened!?” 😛

    It seems hinted at this point Shizuo and Izaya and Simon are all not exactly human, and also, obviously, the Dullahan and probably the girl with the mysterious neck-scar. I like it that they can tell good stories within the span of single episodes while at the same time keeping a growing thread of intrigue in the background building towards an overarching plot.

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