Sora No Woto – 3: How sweet the sound

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snw3This episode really answered a lot of questions. It seems my speculations in my past posts were off, but thanks to this episode I finally understand what Sora No Woto is about.

This episode also revealed another side to Rio. A side of her which I find really sweet and at the same time admirable.

There’s also something about this episode that made me feel so at ease and so satisfying. I can surely say this is one of the few Anime series that has touched my heart, considering that it’s still early in the series.

Spoiler Warning: You know the drill.


I honestly thought that Kanata would have improved by now. It’s cute to see how devoted and faithful she is. I do agree though that this sound would probably even wake up the dead! ^^.


Interesting how this situation greatly worried Rio. She had flashbacks about events that happened during her childhood. Kanata collapsing the same way as her mother (which I presume didn’t survive) due to this malaria fever. Even though she did panic a lot she managed to get her mind straight and seek for help with the local “church”.

vlcsnap-8272     vlcsnap-8501

Poor Kanata, I wonder what her temperature was that it made her think Rio was her mother? Still I’m glad this wasn’t too serious.


When Rio sought for help at the church, it became clear that she didn’t trust “religion” that much probably due to her past experience with it when her mother was ill (it’s just a deduction that I came up to when I saw that flashback of what looked like a priest praying for her sick mom). Perhaps this was finally the catalyst for her to get over this “hate” towards the church?


This tank has been an object of suspicion ever since I lay my eyes upon it since episode one. From what I’ve seen, I can somehow presume that this Tank was part of “our” era of technology and advancement, and some sort of major war or probably an apocalyptic event  devastated the globe that it brought the whole world back to a decline in technology. They did mention that this tank was from the “past era”. One could only guess that this was probably our generation or more into the future. I did see a “Stealth Mode” on that tank after all.


Amazing Grace… this is probably one of more “happier” versions of Amazing Grace. I honestly felt my hair stand up and found myself listening to this over and over. It’s the little things like this that get to you. Even more so, coming from the tank’s memory banks. The soldiers who used to pilot it probably knew that every mission they took was going to be their last breath, so they carried this song with them to battle. I’m also really intrigued at the scene when Rio begins to explain that “we can’t always rely on religion”, while the song was playing in the background. I don’t know it just feels strange. I do hope this version of the song becomes available soon. I can’t get it out of my mind!


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  1. It was an interesting episode, but I actually found I disliked more things than I liked. I guess this proves once and for all you’re more positive than me. I tried writing a post about it two times, only to fail and utterly abandon the attempt.

    It was a pretty good version of amazing grace. Part of me wishes they had saved it for later in the series when it would actually be a good time to reminisce over the series. It could have been really powerful. Now if they use it again I’ll have already heard it…

    • Yeah it would have been nice if they saved it until the last part or the middle of the series at least. ^^

  2. ugh, yeeeeeea… that tank has been bothering me for a while! It’s obvious that Noel has done quite a bit of work on it, seeing as the splash screen for the tank has the insignia of their unit. I really want to see it get working. I really want to see it blow shit up! The tank really felt out of place in that setting to me… but I had not put enough thought into it to come up with a theory to quite figure out why.

    Amazing Grace is such an awesome song, I would go so far to as to say it is one of my favorites. And visualizing tanks walking into a warzone(at least I think that the tank is a walker) with that song playing just chills me to the bone.

    This is not the first time I have heard amazing grace in an anime. A little snippet of it was used in the 4th opening theme to the anime Eureka 7.

    from about 0:04 to 0:18

    And the sad part is, it only clicked in my head on the second to the last episode that that was what it was. I’m so lame.

    • Ah Eureka 7. I remember watching that a bit when my brother was nuts over it back then but it somehow didn’t interest me at the time. Maybe I’ll go ahead and borrow his DVDs when I have the time.

  3. I’m happy they decided to use Amazing Grace here and I like their rendition of it too. The episode had some nice developments but I felt it was a little bit rough on the edges, some parts felt a little awkward to me. You’re right that the religion bit is interesting though. I still don’t really know what direction this show wants to take, but it’ll be really cool if some exploration of church-military relationship is woven into their storyboard somewhere. I liked the scene where the church healer blessed Rio and Rio returned with a military salute and expressed gratitude for her aid. That one came off quite powerfully for me 🙂

    • Precisely my thoughts as well which is why I got the screenshot of Rio saluting to that church lady.

  4. Nice review, this episode was nice i liked how we saw another side of Rio and kanata plus the inside of the tank finally! lol..seems to be very advanced for some old tech makes me wonder what else they have from the past. Great music choice i liked amazing grace and yep used in Eureka7 too funny how it fits with “mecha” well dunno about Sora-no-woto but a tank with legs will do haha.

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