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shureiavI’ve been noticing a trend build up in Anime / Manga since 2008 and I’ve always wondered why there was a strange division of genres and sort of “alienation” between fans. I guess what I’m trying to say, the love for the Anime / Manga has grown complicated that these have somehow made fans either biased of each other or just plainly ignorant.

Now the following is merely my observations on people and trends. I surely do know that many of you may have different opinions and observations, so let’s just say I’m just adding up to the pile of facts that many don’t seem to quite get a grasp at.

Hit the jump to view my not so theoretical senseless thinking about this topic.

Way back when I started my Anime/Manga addiction, all I wanted was to get my hands into many types of Anime/Manga titles out there. My first Anime was Sailormoon. If I’m not mistaken it must have been around my early years of high school when I first discovered this. I wasn’t even aware this was called “Anime” back then. Soon after, I was exposed to Ranma 1/2 and then Cowboy Bepop. This was when I first identified myself as part of that mystical special group of people who had a love for the stuff. Back then, all I wanted was to get more Anime and Manga, that I didn’t care if it was action or adventure, a love story, drama, or whatever. You wouldn’t also believe that at the time, I watched an episode of Urotsukidoji, not because I wanted to but because a friend of mine (who was really slutty at the time) really liked it (yeah she’s a girl). So, I was curious as to what this “hentai” business was all about. But anyway, that’s another story altogether, and no I don’t watch hentai! Borderline eechi maybe but definitely not hentai!

Well anyway, as 2005 rolled out, I began to notice the trend of “sub-groups” in the Anime/Manga circle. Some otakus started to group themselves. I’ve seen a few people online and in real life only swear by one single type of Anime genre, one of this, which is prolly the most noticeable is the “Moe” group (not the official name but I just like to call it that). They tend to go for the fanservice, lolis and any of the pretty girls. I don’t have a problem with that but it’s sort of disturbing to see some guys at work drooling over those insanely cute PVCs and figmas. Hey, I’m all for the lolis and cute girls too (and maybe the fanservice as well) but I also have my sights on other genres.

I guess what I’m saying is, I’m looking for more variety like what Akira and Grave of the Fireflies had to offer way back then. Maybe something like Ghost in the Shell and even probably something like Saiunkoku Monogatari. I guess I can see some of it surfacing in a few titles like Durarara and Bakemonogatari.

But then again, I could be biased on my observations because perhaps I’m only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Even more so I could be guilty of myself into sticking on one particular genre of Anime / Manga. Baaah! Rofl. I think I just contradicted myself here. Oh well…


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  1. Even more so I could be guilty of myself into sticking on one particular genre of Anime / Manga.

    You just might be :p. I watch most genres of anime for different reasons except for the shonen stuff namely Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece. This, however, doesn’t mean I didn’t at one time. I now read the manga chapters as they come out and skip their anime counterparts altogether. Still I’m a big fan of good writing regardless of the series. Anything that can enhance my understanding of the human condition or just affect me emotionally.

    The Moe and Loli thing is a bit of a problem. It’s kind of what’s destroying the industry. They’ve been creating animes for the soul purpose of selling their characters (in other words turning them into mass profit machines) though characters like Haruhi, or Major Motoko didn’t start out like that at all. Just look at the difference between season 1 and season 2 of Haruhi. OR, the seasons of Hayate. When Hinagiku became as popular as she did (won some moe competitions) they completely reworked some of the stuff to “sell” her character. Honestly, they should stick to the story, because often it’s the characters personality we fall in love with not how they look. At least that’s the way it is for me. When I look at a picture of Nia from Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann I think about her love for Simon and how sad her death was. When I look at a picture of Asuka I think of the horrendous pressure put on her until she broke. Characters to me are the embodiment of great ideas (in visually pleasing forms). Then again I realize I’m probably very lonely taking this stance.

    Oh well, great anime is great anime. Durarara ftw.

    Great Post!

    • Actually season 2 of Hayate was less commercial than season 1 in my opinion. The focus on Hinagiku was not because of her popularity but because that’s how the story in the Manga went as far as I know. Season 2 was a lot more true to the original source than season 1 was.

      And LOL at Haruhi 2. Who knows what the producers were drinking when they came up with Haruhi 2. Endless Eight is Endless.

      • Endless Eight. Ugh that made me stop watching the second season… Ugh…

  2. I blame it on the over-saturation of the market and the immense variety of Anime produced. Let’s face it, they’d make an Anime show from almost anything.

    I suppose the mindset of some right now is not really to create an innovative and compelling Anime show, but rather more of something that will cater to people’s interest.

    The moe fans will not venture out of the moe genre simply because there is an endless supply of moe Anime to keep them occupied. Stop the production of these, and the moe fans will need to learn to adapt to enjoying other genres.

    I personally was able to enjoy some shoujo stuff when I encountered a lack of titles that were my usual stuff.

    So in the end, fans will rarely venture out from their genre / interests simply because there will always be new ones to satisfy their initial tastes. And for this reason, the gap is maintained and at times widened.

    • Business will always be business after all. I guess this is one instance that I can say that “its better than nothing.” ^^

  3. Before mid 2009, I was strictly a no-moe nonsense guy. I wouldn’t watch anything without robots, supernatural powers, monsters… You get the idea. 🙂
    I wouldn’t even try a single episode of any school girls, romance, harem. Only exception is Boys be… watched that when I was just a kid. (Sweet memories… :p)
    Then I came across Clannad. Then Kannagi. Found out what moe was “about” then.
    From that point on, I started watching everything I could get my hands on. And prefers moe over anything gar now. Though too much of something will ultimately get boring for me. So I like switching genre’s between anime series.
    And yeah, profit minded over-milking on moe in animes will ultimately kill the industry. I’m someone who enjoy his moe in animes, but even I feel that it’s too much now.
    Hmm… actually, I think I’d swallow anything as long as it’s funny. So sticking to comedy would be where I’m guilty at. Though comedy isn’t exactly a genre. Is it?
    “When I look at a picture of Nia from Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann I think about her love for Simon and how sad her death was”
    Huh?! What? Nia died?! o.0! I don’t remember that! I am in shock!

  4. “When I look at a picture of Nia from Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann I think about her love for Simon and how sad her death was”
    Huh?! What? Nia died?! o.0! I don’t remember that! I am in shock!

    She didn’t actually die but she was sort of erased from existence right after she got married to Simon. The reason being is because Nia was a creation of the Anti-Spiral. So logic dictates, that with the Spiral gone, their creations would vanish as well. I’m surprised though Nia held out long enough until they got married. I actually teared during that part. ^^

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