Sora no Woto – 02: “Good morning! You suck!”

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snw2av I’m really liking this series. I’d have to say that this is one of the few series that is sort of realistic. The facial expressions of the characters are really superb, which is one of the few things that made me notice it.

I guess this would have turned the heads of those speculating that this would just be another senseless “moe-fest”. This Anime contains a lot of heart and from what I’m seeing, is diverting from the usual, sad-happy to happy-sad plot. It’s just carefree!

Hit the jump for some points that I’ve noticed in this episode.

mpc-hc 2010-01-15 19-05-29-90

mpc-hc 2010-01-15 19-05-33-51

I almost fell from my chair when I saw this scene! I laughed so hard for a while and I kept playing it over and over. It’s scenes like these that really set the mood for the whole episode and I could clearly tell this was going to be a great episode.


Ugh… for soldiers, they sure have a lot of fancy food here. It was right around this scene that made me go for a midnight snack. But aside from that if you look at the room and how the sunlight brings color, it almost feels like it came out of a painting or something. Geeeh, what am I an art connoisseur? >_<


snw2-3 snw2-4 snw2-5

Noel-chan was too cute to not notice. I think she pretty much has cemented her character’s traits here. A tank mechanic, obviously a machine head, doesn’t get enough sleep because she’s constantly repairing that tank and that subtle sweet little voice. I want a little sister like her!

snw2-6 snw2-7

Okay, what’s with this tank? From what I understand in this scene this tank doesn’t use traditional tracks to move around but relies on its “feet” hence they did say it was an “Automated Walker Tank”. This technology in this era? Wow. Can it be that this tank will see action later in the series? Judging from the legs, this tank might resemble something like a Spider. This thing is more of a mecha than a tank. >_<;

snw2-10 snw2-11 snw2-9

Ah. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. No Anime is complete without the obligatory girls in sailor “fuku” uniforms. It suits them though. Sigh, I wish I wore uniforms like these back in my high school. ^^;

snw2-12 snw2-13


It’s not a ghost but an Owl (don’t worry the Owl was just shocked by the gun blast)! It was kind of cute seeing these girls in their full battle gear. What in the world are they carrying in those backpacks of theirs? This was just a mission to secure the uninhabited part of the fort. They didn’t that much equipment, right? If you look closer at their helmets it resembles a German World War 2 Infantry helmet. The rifle also looks like one of the German World War 2 rifles. I’ve always wondered why the Japanese have a certain fascination with German stuff (aside from the fact that they used to be allies in WW2). It shows up in other Animes as well like Evangelion and Fate Stay Night. Oh, and if you are wondering why I know a bit about World War 2 stuff, its because my Dad collects World War 2 movies, so I’ve seen them a lot when I was younger when he kept watching them all the time. @_@

snw2-15 snw2-16 snw2-17

Now for the other “loli” in the team, I guess you can say that Kureha would be your “Azusa” right? Well, it seems to look that way at first but she’s actually just another kid longing for attention. She’s cute though but I think she’s the “nagging” type if you ask me. ^^

The series is getting better than I had expected. Kudos the writers and creators of this Anime. Of all the series that have been released at the beginning of this year, I can confidently say that Sora no Woto is at the top of my list.


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  1. Btw, it turns out that there was (probably) a ghost after all. See screenshots here:

    Notice the ephemeral hand in the first two pictures and the head between the girls in the third picture.

    Credit for the heads up on this goes to one of Dustin’s commenters at Yin no Piano ^^

    • Wow. Only noticed that now. Nice info.

  2. whoa! i see the hand and face in the 3rd haha creepy! xD.
    nice review Meimi!

    • Yeah that was kinda creepy. I think my hair stood up when I watched that part again to look for the hand and head. It’s nice to see that the Animators are adding this much detail and realism into the series.

  3. Great review! I love this series so much. It made me cry :”)

    And wow! Thanks to Jason. I never noticed the ghost 😀

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