Have you ever fallen in love?

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This was recommended to me by a friend yesterday when he noticed I was feeling a bit down. He said it was light-hearted and it was a should be an eye-opener for me as well. I really liked the style of this Anime. It’s from the same mangaka who did Ichigo 100% after all. (Ugh, remind me to finish that. T_T).

Hit the jump to hear my sob story. Lol.

The light-hearted romance and some comedy has really changed my mood on this Anime. I envy these girls so much. I didn’t have friends like these back in high school since I was much a loner since we moved around a lot. It made me realize how I wasted my youth and how I can never experience this stuff anymore due to my age.  

mplayerc 2010-01-11 21-29-56-85 Ayumi is the girl that I do like here. I wonder if there are any Ayumi’s out there in the world. I’d like to be friends with them. Among all the girls she has the simplest and sweetest thing about love. I was disappointed though that her love story was open-ended since she didn’t choose any of the two brothers directly.

mplayerc 2010-01-11 21-30-24-00

But if you are gonna ask me. I choose this guy, the “little” Zaitsu-kun. Aside from his innocent boyish looks, he is pretty much straight-forward. He has a cute weakness though. His “Saki-nee” always seems to turn him dumb. ^^

mplayerc 2010-01-11 20-59-58-62 
“Saki-nee”, better known as Yamamoto is one of the girls I really like to emulate. She’s just got that simple dignity and at the same time plain awesome beauty that boys usually fall for. She does remind me of a friend I had back in college.

mplayerc 2010-01-11 20-50-31-20

I thought this lollipop scene was cute. And it was this scene that made me remind me of my friend who had a somewhat similar situation. One day when she was in one of her classes their professor failed to show up, so they ended up doing nothing for the whole period. She then notices one of the guys licking at the lollipop and staring at it. So she went over to ask if he had any left. Unfortunately, it was his last, but he washed the lollipop with a bit of water and then gave it to her. The guy then gave her lollipops everyday and sometimes left them on her desk. After two months I was shocked to find out that SHE of all people confessed to this guy and that’s how they became steady. @_@

mplayerc 2010-01-11 20-45-36-04

Here’s another cute couple. Their story actually made my cry. It was so sweet and romantic. Mr. Fugly face and Ms. I-have-everything babe. I’ll tell you though this guy is really lucky to have her for a girlfriend in the end and I was surprised how she changed her view from “a guy is defined by his looks” to “a guy is defined by his heart” type of girl. I was really moved when he and his two other friends left on a journey to re-discover themselves. When they reached the ocean after a few days of biking they let it all out by shouting "I love you…” to the girls they liked. Its funny though that those girls were right behind them, and they were like “OMG run!” XD

mplayerc 2010-01-11 22-00-16-62 

Here’s another scene that touched my heart. Ayumi’s brother who earlier had no feelings for “Saki-nee” finally wants to seriously get to know her. The line “Is it wrong for me to wanna know?” really got my heart jumping. I could just eat him up >_<. I feel happy for her. He’s finally returning the feelings!

mplayerc 2010-01-11 21-56-59-75

Finally, these three good friends. Sigh… why are there so few men like these today? Their stories and problems in love are all to sweet and painful. I’m still happy for them though. The girls that chose to be by their side are rare. Btw, Sogabe-kun = hawt! Sorry I have a weak thing for “megane” >_<.

Overall, I love this Anime so much that I’ve decided to purchase the Blu-ray edition even if there are no English subtitles. I wonder if there are other similar titles like this. As Youkho-sama has said, “this is my second Boys Be”, I believe so that it is mine too~.


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  1. Sigh… why are there so few men like these today?

    I think there are men like that, but quite honestly normally when they’re that obsessive about girls they normally have a girlfriend. I actually had two really close friends in high school that used to do stuff like this with me. One of them seemed to have continual girl troubles, but the thing was he fell for three different girls over the course of our senior year. Although he had a good heart I have to wonder if it even really mattered who the girl was. As Senjogahara said “Maybe I’m so starved for love I would have fallen for the first guy who showed me a little kindness”. The great thing about anime is that it doesn’t really show us the whole character like we sometimes get in real life. Did fugly-face fall in love with beautiful girl because she was the one girl he couldn’t have? Did beautiful girl fall in love with fugly-face because he was the one guy who appeared not to be head over heals for her. I actually really liked this anime and “Have you ever been in love”? is a pretty interesting question to start it out. The anime ended up being pretty sweet and simple, but it raised some larger questions (although they are by no means original).

    I actually think it’s rare to not miss out on your first love. Jason and I were talking about it the other day in relation to some series and I know it’s like a lot of decisions I’ve made in my life. You always look back and think “What if”? Of course we have to move on with our lives, but is the reality any less tragic? Unfortunately for us though we don’t get the fairy tale ending of getting a second chance.

    Great anime and good post :).

  2. “Maybe I’m so starved for love I would have fallen for the first guy who showed me a little kindness”.

    Sometimes I feel like this lol. It’s been almost 2 years now and I still haven’t gotten over my break-up with my first love. Maybe watching these types of Anime is an outlet for me or just gives me a sense of hope that the right guy will eventually be there if I just wait real hard. Oh well…

    • Speaking from experience it’s probably best not to become enamored with two dimensional characters as they do not exist. Although all relationships start out with our stereotypes and mild understandings we eventually have to take in all of that person not just the glorified good spots. Of course, you probably know this far better than most people, but it’s dangerous to rule out new opportunities because the fictional ideal might exist.

      I’ve fallen in love with characters myself but people are really a lot more interesting when given the chance. Sure they don’t go around fighting with swords, but most of us wish we could :p.

      You never really get over breakups. You kind of just have to treat them like a learning experience. You can take the positive aspects of that person but you can also take the negative to help you understand what you actually need from a partner in the future. There really is no better way to understand ourselves. That being said I feel for you… they’re traumatic :(.

      • As I’ve said to a friend who’s also suffering from a recent break-up. “We’ll just have to live with the fact that this has happened to us of all people. Whether we live to see it heal or take it to our grave with no resolution.”

        Yeah, I know its an illusion to dream about the 2D characters but that’s what Anime is for anyway. To inspire hope and such. To me at least. Thanks for the replies, I think I’m feeling better now.

  3. Hatsukoi Limited really does make you wonder of your school days. Or at least, your first love. I loved it… despite the lonesome feeling you get at the end of the show. 🙂

    “this is my second Boys Be”
    Hmm… Never thought of it that way. But now that you guys mentioned it…

    • Yeah, that lonesome feeling but at the same time, satisfied and content. Oh well…

  4. hmm you ask me lol i am 18 hikikomori rarely going out so yeah I just fallen with anime girl lol never have a real one ^^;

    • That time may come lol. You are still young so there is still plenty to hope for. ^^

  5. It made me realize how I wasted my youth and how I can never experience this stuff anymore due to my age.

    I know what you mean. I loved this show for that tingle of sweetness that always accompanied it – so appropriately reminiscent of first love. And yeah, it is a little sad watching all that when you’re already past that stage and age.

    I like to think that there’s a lot more to look for in the hereon after though, and that it’s never too late to start relishing life 🙂

    • Yeah you’re right. This brings me back to that famous “life is like a box of chocolates” quote from Forest Gump. Thanks for the comment. ^^

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