First impressions: Durarara! & Omamori Himari

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omadullalaDouble first impressions review on 2 series I just saw for the first time today! You are gonna wonder though. Why Dullalala and Omamori Himari?

The answer: NEKO! XD What?! I like cats so it was only logical that I picked these two series.

I might do Vampire Bund and “Baka to Test to Sokanju” when I watch them tomorrow and also include Ookamikakushi when I’m in the mood.

Spoiler Alert: As always, continue at your own risk.

Omamori Himari


Okay, you’re gonna probably ask why I watched this. When I saw the description on various websites on what’s it about, it made me interested. It’s about a sword wielding girl who fights demons. The first thing that came into my mind was Shana! I’ve always been a sucker for heroines with swords or guns so this was quite natural for me to watch it. I was surprised however…

oh2 oh3 vlcsnap-356468

Now stop for a minute and observe the images above and tell me what’s wrong with them? Done? That’s right, why do these girls have big chests? These were part of the first few scenes of the Anime and immediately, it came to my mind. “Uh oh, not another harem-type fanservice Anime.” Not only are there a lot of “oppai” shots but there were a lot of “pantsu” shots as well. Strike One.


Huh? Nyan Koi? What the? I’m not complaining. If he’s allergic to cats then why does he have one at home? But then again this twist is a bit okay since I do like cats.

oh5 oh7

There are a lot of scenes like this on the first episode alone. I was like… –_-;… Oh well this Anime is targeted to the male audience after all. Strike two.


A big chest, long black hair, neko ears… She now reminds me of my Pangya Character (Arin). She is cute though despite being bitchy. She’s a demon who swore allegiance to Yuuto’s family when her ancestors were spared. You see Yuuto comes from a long line of demon hunters/slayers. Did I mention Himari addresses Yuuto as “master”? I’m sure all you boys are now thinking. “That lucky bastard!”


Lol. Points for doing that Himari. Neko! Sigh. I miss my pet cat. Maybe I’ll go buy a new pet cat one of these days and name her Himari as well? However with that said. Strike three. This is typical of many “I-am-a-looser-but-hot-chicks-dig-me” situations.


Just when I thought that this series was loli free, she pops up in the end and she’s got a see-through dress to boot. Stike four… on second thought scratch that. Come to think of it when I draw too pigtails on either of her sides and color her hair black, she just looks like one of my other Pangya Characters (Kooh). Pass…


To finish this off, I’d say I would consider continuing watching this series IF the story gets more interesting. I’d like to see lots of sword fights since its the only reason I want to watch this. Then maybe I will consider ignoring the fanservice side of things.



I couldn’t pass this one by as I know its from the same creators of Baccano. The style shows it all, even the OP and ED scenes! Did I also mention I kinda like motorbikes? You can blame my Dad who has a passion for them. I want that Neko helmet OMG. T_T


Omg, that’s the crazy explosives girl in Baccano! I see they haven’t forgotten their roots. I’m liking this Anime already!


So we have here 2 childhood friends who meet up again after a long period of separation. It’s funny that here’s another “looser” guy who’s never been out in the world and is totally innocent. What’s with Anime and the “looser" ideology these days?


Omg. That’s a Horo standee! I’m really liking this Anime a lot! I’m happy to see more Anime titles include “otakus”, geeks and nerds into the fold. This just makes the Anime more “genuine” when it comes to my standards.


I seriously laughed when I saw this guy. He’s a Half-African American / Russian, who moved to Japan to work for a Russian guy who runs a Sushi bar. I didn’t know Russians liked sushi. O_o

Finally, a proper girl. I was seriously tired of seeing all those “big chested” and well-endowed women. I like her hair-style and her clothes. Hmmm… Ugh… Did this Anime just make me want to go shopping and buy something that looks like her clothes? X_x (Mental Note: Go to the mall on Monday after work.)


This picture looks a bit dark but if you look closely, you can see the wheel face plant. Ouch. This person has some serious biking skills. Whew…


This person really looks like a girl. From the shape of her body she’s clearly a girl. I couldn’t add the other screenshots because it was too dark. From what I observed, this mysterious rider seems to be the modern day version of the “headless horseman”. She’s armed with a cool scythe, that she pulls out from her neck. So cool. I’ll be looking forward to this every week. One more thing. I’m confused. Is this called Durarara or Dullalala? @_@


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  1. I actually heared it called DRR!!

    As for Durarara or Dullalala, the R sorta sounds like L anyway so it’s not uncommon to see it romanized both ways.

    • Yeah figures since R and L are both changeable in Nihonggo anyways ^^.

  2. “I didn’t know Russians liked sushi.”

    Everyone likes sushi! Sushi is delicious. Healthy and Nutritious. Put it on your dishes…

    Omamori really just didn’t have that much going for it. It felt really unoriginal and painful to watch (even for me a guy). I didn’t really feel like he was a lucky bastard surrounded by one dimensional characters. If anything I felt sorry for him…

    Durarara on the other hand made me jealous of the main character. That world is so full of cool stuff, not to mention the dark questions about exactly what was going on with the girl they kidnapped. Mass suicides, slave trade, and sleepy hollow: Oh my! I can’t wait to see more.

    • We’ll see how Omamori comes out. I’m always a sucker for swords but oh well. ^^

      • Freud would have a field day with that statement. I, however, will remain neutral :).

      • Lol. I think I know what you mean rofl. But just leave that talk to the girls. ^_~

  3. “Omg. That’s a Horo standee! I’m really liking this Anime a lot! I’m happy to see more Anime titles include “otakus”, geeks and nerds into the fold. This just makes the Anime more “genuine” when it comes to my standards.”
    I could not agree more.
    I do believe it’s Durarara!!
    But then again I was also under the impression that it’s Holo not Horo.
    I’m not sure I understand how and R can sound like an L but I’ve been told it does :P.

    • From my understanding and from what I’ve seen so far, I think they can interchange L and R. It’s confusing though lol.

  4. Nice reviews by the way, just watched durara not to bad a bit chatty at the beginning but not bad great artwork. I did like how they put a modern spin on the headless horseman legend very cool but seems they borrowed the idea from ghost rider? minus the flaming skull lol, anyway cant wait to review it myself.

    Omamori i haven’t looked at that yet i might watch it sometime.

    • Ah yeah, ghost rider. Now that you mention it. It does resemble that a bit minus the flames and chains. Still I think this headless rider is female! I can sooo cosplay her if I can only get my hands on a Neko Helmet. I can borrow my dad’s black Kawasaki Eliminator that sorta looks like the bike in the anime XD.

  5. >>>Anime is targeted to the male audience after all…
    i wonder why every male target anime always add big boobs and echi.. echi..

    I wonder if I already miss the point here

    >>I didn’t know Russians liked sushi. O_o
    agree.. perhaps.. he must eat sushi in order to learn what Japan is?
    how about ramen..
    the real Ramen (Japan Ramen).. is different from Ramen in My country (Indonesia)

    • Well, there’s the notion there are more male otakus than the female ones so there are more fanservice type Anime series out there. ^^

  6. You cosplay? awesome, ya i liked the helmet wonder why they choose yellow shouldn’t it be black? ah guess they wanted it to show up.

    @ Wibisono but but…theres yuri don’t girls want that? lol..jkjk yeah most shows are geared to the males -nod-

    • Well, I only cosplayed twice when I was in College. As a french maid and wearing a Kimono as Kaoru (from Rurouni Kenshin). The costumes were from a friend though since I’m lazy in making my own. ^^

  7. Nekos are a 100% legitimate reason to like a show! Having read positively scathing posts on Himari I was gonna give it the wide swerve, but if it has nekos, swords, and is funny, maybe I’ll give it one or two episodes after all…

    And many of us guys are as repulsed by ridiculously ‘over-endowed’ little girls as you are D:

    Durara looks pretty much must-watch so far. And here’s one more useless answer to your final question: yes they are interchangeable. In fact they are usually pronounced like a mix of ‘r’ and ‘l’ sounds. ‘r’ is more commonly used in romanizations though.

    • Don’t worry I’m not saying all guys like over-endowed girls. Forgive the stereo-typing. ^^

  8. i love durarara, i finish watching the whole thing

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