Sora no Woto: First Impressions

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swt1Many people believed that Sora no Woto was going to be similar to K-ON but only in a different setting. Having seen the first episode shed some light on this matter.

The plot appears to be in a timeline around the end of World War 2, but it doesn’t actually occur in a European country as I thought at first. It appears to be an alternate universe of sorts. The City looks European but I was quite surprised when they celebrated a festival that pretty much had Japanese origins.

Spolier alert: Screenshots and some plot spills ahead. Continue at your own risk!


The main character, I guess would be similar to Yui of K-ON. She gets lost easily and she’s childish. Yeah she got caught in this festival and is wet all over.

Kanata, as seen above is getting poured by orange water. A tradition in the town apparently. “Hey a soldier from the fort, lets go pour all this on her and it will bring us good fortune!”


Moe moment. Snot coming out from her nose ish so cute.~ How could Rio not jump on her and glomp her all over? XD


Okay, this was just a O_o moment because this little girl was repairing a tank. A TANK for goodness sake?! How many loli’s can do that huh? I bet the boys will have a field day with this. ^^


I wonder if the alarm clock has been invented in this time period yet? The trumpet playing by Rio is really nice and mellow though.


I can’t say the same for Kanata though. Looks like she has a long way to go. Now this part made me realize that Kanata is sort of a copy of Yui in K-ON.


Group shot from the ending credits. Their Captain, the girl standing beside Rio appears to have Mugi’s traits. I also think they used the same seiyuu. The girl on the right is the loli tank girl. The one beside Kanata appears to be like Azusa.

Overall, this Anime is sort of a laid back, dramatic, and a serious whatever genre. It’s got light comedy but at the same time dwells on life’s ups and downs. Worth watching through. I might continue doing a per episode review if I have the time. ^^


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  1. “How many loli’s can do that huh? I bet the boys will have a field day with this. ^^”

    Oh darn, you already caught me. She only got 5 seconds of screen time and I knew I was going to like her… I’m such a hypocrite sometimes, I go on and on about making unique characters, but throw a character like that at me and I lap it up like everybody else.

    “I haz a cold”


    Nice Post :).

    • Some people I know are attributing her to either Canaan or Nagato lol.

      • She does have the silver hair thing going on. Hmm, I’m not really feeling Nagato though. I’m going with more of a Zephiris feel (Sister Princess) or Eve-chan (Black Cat). Then again maybe not, it’s hard to say as of now for some reason.

  2. ya it definitely seems more serious ~
    did they actually introduce a plot of any kind? or just introduce the city life?

    • Well Kanata was on her way to that military fortress but ended up getting lost lol. Its a warm light story in my opinion at least. ^^

  3. Nice review! good screen comments 😉

    @ Meimi Canaan indeed ;D i do see Nagato too /shrug the tanks cool better looking than Valrkrie Chronicles maybe as powerful i wonder..hmm that blue tank never died xD

    • Yeah the tank here looks like its more advanced to be a WWII tank lol.

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