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mmdsc2How I wish I stumbled across this awesome piece of software while it was still Christmas vacation. Sigh.

One of my officemates just introduced this to me and over lunch break showed me how this thing works. I have it running on my PC at work and it looks easy to do but tedious to get all the movements.

This program is called MMD or Miku Miku Dance. It’s a free software created by (obviously) some Japanese fellows. God bless them for doing this lol. Miku is so cute and I can’t believe they also have models of the other characters. Omg. I’m now searching for those models frantically and don’t forget those motions…


The controls seem pretty straight-forward but it does take a lot of tinkering, a lot of time and patience to get the movements you want. I’m still trying to take in the numerous amounts of models, motions and whatever else there is.


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  1. I am so lucky to come across this post, I woke in the morning to find that you’re the first one to leave a comment on my blog it make me so happy (^_^). So I went over to you’re site and watched some of your videos they were awesome! (^_^). Then I found this post and OMG I think you also had the same reaction lol. I tried out this program and it was so good and not to advance, took about an hour till I mastered it ofcoures with video tutorials. Thank you for sharing this and you did a great job on the videos!

    • Thanks for dropping by! I can’t take credit for most of the videos though. The motions were already available to begin with so I only did minor adjustments. Check out the Macross Nyan Nyan service that a friend and I are doing though. This gave us all the hard work since the camera motion choreography and lights were all done by ourselves. @_@

      Share some of your videos if you ever make any! ^^

      • I sure will, I am currently making the baka-ranger dance from the live-action of negima. But I have no idea how to use vocaloid (@_@).

      • Vocaloid? Do you have Miku? I currently have the program for Luka. Its easy to use actually. I found a translated english manual somewhere, I’ll post it here when I find it again. ^^

      • Yeah I have Miku, thanks!

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