The year of the Tiagaa! Anime Rawr~

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I’m eagerly excited and anxious to see what Anime titles we have for this year. Traditionally, I was never the one who wanted to know what was coming out but rather was the one who wanted to be surprised. It’s changing this year as I went ahead to check out on some announced titles for this year.

Before I get ahead of myself though, I need to watch all the titles I skipped and never got to finish first. A few like Toradora, Valkyria Chronicles, Vampire Knight, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 and much much more. I wonder though if I should just go ahead and skip all those and just wait for the official Blu-ray disc releases and then purchase them outright. I’ve been also thinking of wanting to purchase Blu-ray discs of my favorite Anime series. The problem though is that there is a real lack of Anime Blu-ray discs. Most are still distributed thru DVD and therefore restricted to region locks. Ah well.


There seems to be a hype for Sorawoto. People are saying that its similar to K-On but its based on an earlier time period. I do hope this is not just another Moe-fest. If you look closely, the characters do have some resemblance to the K-On cast.


Everyone is eagerly waiting for the conclusion of Gundam 00. The movie is set to be released this year. Despite what many people say, this is by far the best Gundam title I’ve seen. There is also news of a new Gundam title to be released this year and its called Gundam Unicorn. I wonder if it will be better than 00?


K-ON season 2! I know most people found this Anime a bit of nothing but random Moe crap but I found it entertaining. I myself play the guitar so I loved this Anime. The announcement of season 2 is just wow for me.


Nodame Cantabile: Finale! I did mention that I liked music right? This is a no brainer for me. College life, drama, comedy, the works! They’re finally ending this series with its final season. I wonder how these two crazy lovebirds will end up?

These are some of the Anime I’m looking forward to so far. I would have posted some other titles but there seems to be a lack of information on them right now so I’ll just go with what I currently have.

If you have any recommendations please feel free to leave a comment. It would be much appreciated!


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  1. They all look great !!

    It’s been a while since I’ve watched anime! (PANGYA-ing all day xD) I definitely need to start on Gundam 00 since everyone loves it.. though I get confused and impatient with all the politics stuff like in other Gundam series~ But the drama is where the good stuff is!
    Also I have to watch Nodame Cantabile too, and Sorawoto looks like its by the same animation studio as K-ON (explains the similar drawing style I think)~

    Vampire Knight!!! XD GOOO WATCH IT !

    Lastly~ I don’t really advise you to watch Haruhi season 2… I’ve heard really bad things about it~ If you liked the first season of Haruhi, it’s best you leave it at that! (I think it’s primarily due to the fact that Haruhi was made to end in season 1 similar to its light novel format, but season 2 was kind of forced made due to popularity.)

    • Yup, I’ve heard bad things about season 2 for Haruhi. But being the Anime fan that I am, I’ll go watch it anyway. I’m definitely looking forward to watching Vampire Knight again. I finished the first season but skipped on the second.

  2. “K-ON season 2! I know most people found this Anime a bit of nothing but random Moe crap but I found it entertaining”
    – For being honest in the face of the blogosphere. You have my respect.

    *Takes hat off*
    *gentlemen bow*

    • Errr domo. But it is entertaining. Even though it is targeted at boys, a few girls like me see this as something exciting. ^^

  3. I liked K-ON^^

    • *bows again*

  4. Gundam 00 Movie!

    and Nodame of course.

  5. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (I’m looking forward to that like I look forward to sleeping everyday: In understandable words, a lot)!

    I’m running a pole on my site and so far it looks like most people are really excited about Durara!! and Dance in the Vampire Bund. I’m one of those fans who was enthralled by the oddball storytelling of Bakemonogatari so I’m of course greatly anticipating Shaft’s next conquest. Hopefully they picked good source material again. As for Durara!! I’m not as sure. I didn’t watch Baccano so I’m not sure what to expect. I wasn’t impressed at all by the first episode of Ladies vs. Butlers :p.

    On your list of still unwatched Animes I highly recommend Toradora. It’s still one of my favorites.

    • Yup I did like Bakemonogatari very much and I’m looking forward to Anime with similar feel and stories. Thanks for dropping by and letting me know a few of your recommendations!

      • No problem, this anime season doesn’t have a lot of titles I’m familiar with either. Gainax is doing some kindergarten story which both enthralls and terrifies me. Are these really the masterminds behind Evangelion, Tengen Toppen Gurren Lagann, and Diebuster? I have to wonder, but I shouldn’t judge too much until I’ve actually watched an episode or two. Hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise and a nice addition to Gainax’s ability to tell a story.

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