Just be friends…

January 2, 2010 at 3:42 am | Posted in Music, Pangya, Whatever | 2 Comments
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Just be friends All we gotta do Just be friends. It’s time to say goodbye Just be friends. All we gotta do Just be friends…

Err okay. This song is giving me the LSS (Last Song Syndrome). I’ve had it playing in the background for more than 2 hours now @_@. Been helping out Youkho with a header for his blog so I thought some music would spice my creative-dead brain a bit. So far it turned out well, since he’s modified it to his liking. XD

I noticed the lack of players today in Pangya. Must be because of the New Year’s celebrations. After all, I’m like more than half a day advance than PST. It’s a good bet the US players are partying and they’re all tired right now.

Had a blast today. A few friends came over and we had some food and some “girl talk”. I especially liked the garden veggie salad they brought over. I kept nom noming on the white onions. It is strange though that I like raw White Onions. @_@

Here’s the link to Just Be Friends. Go download it. It’s a great song! XD


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  1. eeek i can’t stand raw white onions unless i swallow it whole

    even i was away from pangya today because my parents took me out ! it’s new years after all ~

    • I love onions lol. Anyway, you have a good New Years day and get some sleep!

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